Cottonbabe Luxus Bettwäsche Bettdecken Bettlaken
tradition since 1870

Luxury bedding

5-star hotel quality

Influencers in Cottonbabe™ bed linen

Premium quality that inspires

Cottonbabe Luxus Bettwäsche 100% langstaplige Baumwolle

100% cotton

For our high-end bed linen we use fine, long-staple cotton fibers from the Indian highlands. Regional cultivation by hand.

Cottonbabe Luxus Bettwäsche Fadendichte 500 Kett- und Schussfäden

300 thread count

Our thread count of 300 per square inch is absolute top quality. In combination with the satin weave, which is typical of satin, the bed linen feels super soft.

Cottonbabe Luxus Bettwäsche Neue Weißgans Daunen

white goose down

We use selected, new white goose down for our fluffy duvets and pillows. With 220 grams per square meter we rely on 5-star quality.

Creative & elegant
Timeless & modern
tradition since 1870
History meets modernity

With Cottonbabe™ we combine traditional craftsmanship with a progressive & modern zeitgeist. In the 5th generation, creative innovations coexist with the knowledge of the traditional values of a craft business.

Exclusive to Cottonbabe™

Design Guarantee

Designed and created with a passion for timeless design. Our products should inspire you over many summer days and winter nights - without becoming old-fashioned. That's why we have a design guarantee. Why? Because we want to become the original.

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Our certificates

Whether our cozy bed linen, the fluffy duvets and pillows as well as our super soft towels - our products have been awarded various quality seals.

Bed linen, duvets & pillows in 5-star quality

Founder & Creative Director of Cottonbabe, Jens Liebhauser, is a 5-star hotelier himself and founded Cottonbabe with this claim: to create one of the finest and noblest bed linens in the world. Therefore, the Cottonbabe designer bed linen is characterized by an extremely high and rare thread count of up to 500, which you will look for in vain with other bed linen brands. With a 100% share of long-staple premium cotton with an extra fine, but very robust thread, the luxury bed linen from Cottonbabe belongs to the avant-garde of bed linen. The duvet covers , pillowcases and bed sheets are perfectly coordinated and allow you to dream heavenly. We only use new white goose down for our luxury duvets and pillows. White goose down is particularly light, breathable and has an extremely high heat insulating capacity. The three-dimensional structure of the exquisite down ensures perfect air circulation. So you won't get too cold under the Cottonbabe designer duvet in winter and not too warm in summer

Design for your bedroom

Duvet covers and pillowcases come in a wide variety of shapes, materials and patterns. However, in order for the bed linen to be a masterpiece in terms of design, it should be able to adapt flexibly to the interior design of the bedroom. Even if the Cottonbabe designer bed linen was not developed with the "one fits all" idea in mind, a timelessly elegant design has prevailed in the development process. A noble border running all the way around the seams is the icing on the cake of the designer bed linen. As a result, the Cottonbabe luxury bed linen adapts to almost all colors and shapes of furniture and walls and designs in the bedroom. Whether it's an old building with high ceilings or a cubist new building with lots of glass, as well as a French or Spanish interior - any combination is possible with the Cottonbabe luxury bed linen. If you want to give your bedroom the finishing touch, then our designer viscose carpet and our designer scented candle with myrrh and patchouli are the perfect complement.

Cottonbabe™ philosophy

Exciting. Captivating. Different. With the complex, high-quality but not playful designer bed linen from Cottonbabe, you immerse yourself in a wonderful world of aesthetics, perfection and daring. Our aim is to create luxury bed linen with 5-star quality. This should enable people to sleep in style in all bedrooms in the world, whether on land, water or in the air. Designer bed linen should be and remain something special. But our other premium products, which also include our fine white goose down pillows and duvets, carpets and scented candles, should always come with a certain something. We are open to new things, creative and keen to experiment in order to offer our customers a unique sleeping experience. Cottonbabe designer bed linen in the shell houses of Cancun, in the Masterpiece Hotels in New York, Paris or Milan or on the decks of seafaring pioneers; this is our vision of Cottonbabe bed linen.

Bedding & Sustainability

All Cottonabe luxury bed linen, duvets and pillows are already OEKO-TEX 100 certified and therefore tested for harmful substances. This also includes all individual parts of our bed linen, such as buttons, zips and the cotton fibers of the covers. You can fall asleep and wake up in our bedding without any worries. We already use 100% soy wax for our scented candles. The goal of Cottonbabe is to gradually make the entire supply chain as climate-neutral as possible, to only send the packaging of our designer bed linen, blankets and pillows to our customers in organic packaging in a climate-neutral manner and to also manufacture our products from organically certified natural materials. Sustainability should be part of our sleep and we want to make our contribution with our luxury bed linen.

Sleep better & healthier

Simply snuggling up under the Cottonbabe designer bed linen after a hard day's work and falling asleep gently and calmly, like on a wellness holiday - simply heavenly. Just like the noble white goose duvet , which adapts perfectly to your own body at night, and a fitted sheet made of premium cotton, which does not slip even when you sleep a lot. In the Cottonbabe bed linen, intensive and restful sleep is no longer a utopia. Nobody wants to wake up sweaty in the morning or even at night with a tense neck. Vitality, joie de vivre and zest for action are significantly influenced by the quality of our sleep. The decision for high-quality and exclusive bed linen is therefore also a decision for your body and for your well-being.

Easy care bedding

The designer bed linen from Cottonbabe is made of 100% cotton and is therefore not only gentle on your skin, but also very easy to care for, guaranteed lint-free and easy to clean even if there are stains. Wash our luxury bed linen at a maximum of 800 revolutions to get them out of the washing machine as wrinkle-free and non-iron as possible. If you also wash our duvet covers and pillowcases at 60 degrees, all mites should also be gone and allergy sufferers should be able to breathe gently. The entire Cottonbabe designer bed linen set also becomes softer with each wash. Our duvets and pillows made from the natural material of goose down are quickly clean and hygienic again with the right detergent and the right drying method.