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Duvets & pillows with white goose down

The quality differences between duvets and pillows can be huge. However, since all duvets and pillows are white in color, hardly anyone can visually see a difference in quality.
A good duvet and a bad duvet therefore differ in the raw materials used and the processing. Only new white goose down is used for the Cottonbabe luxury duvets. Depending on the size of the duvet, the white goose down is filled into the so-called duvet in different cassettes. The luxury pillows from Cottonbabe also use a special 3-chamber technology for maximum sleeping comfort.

The History of Duvets & Pillows

The production of duvets or feathers only became standard in the 18th century in the course of industrialization. Due to the significantly cheaper production, workers could also afford simple feather beds and pillows. Today, not only feathers and down from ducks and geese are found in our duvets and pillows. Substances such as camel hair, new wool or, in particular, polyester, which is popular with allergy sufferers, can often be found in specialist bed shops today. The world's largest producer of feathers and goose down is currently China, followed by Hungary, Ukraine and Poland.

Sustainability & Certificates

Cottonbabe luxury duvets and down pillows have a number of certificates. Whether the OEKO TEX 100 Standard , the DownPass , or the Responsible Down Standard , the down duvets and down pillows from Cottonbabe meet various standards. We also make sure that the feathers and down are not taken from living animals. Especially in the area of ​​home textiles, it is not always clear where the products come from. We therefore recommend that you pay attention to the respective product descriptions of the down

Animal vs. synthetic fabrics

The artificial polyester can be very useful as a duvet or pillow, especially for allergy sufferers. However, if you insist on the best sleeping comfort, you should go for the natural down duvet and feather pillows. Animal products can't be beat for insulation and breathability. In a direct comparison of animal materials, goose down is superior to duck down. Only the rare eider duck and its down have even better properties.

Quality of sleep with down comforters

The exquisite white goose down used in the Cottonbabe luxury duvet cannot be topped when it comes to sleep quality. Soft, airy and still warming for the cold winter days. The quality of sleep is also influenced by the right size of down comforters. 135cm x 200cm is the standard single bed size. In addition, the queen-size bed measures 155cm x 220cm and the king-size bed measures 240cm x 220cm. The trend in bedrooms is towards larger ceilings with more comfort.

Buy down duvets & pillows online

Since duvets and pillows are very exclusive and also higher in price, you don't want to be disappointed when buying duvets online. Cottonbabe luxury duvets therefore come with a 30-night test sleep guarantee, so that the down pillows and duvets can be tested extensively. Since the down duvets can also be washed at up to 40 degrees during testing, you get a comprehensive overall impression. When washing pillows and duvets with feathers and down, you should only make sure that they are dried thoroughly and well.