Exclusive to Cottonbabe™

Design Guarantee

Timeless elegance is deeply rooted in our DNA. Instead of relying on wild patterns, temporary trends or countless shapes and colors, we focus on clarity and simplicity. For the bed linen original of the future.

The 3 advantages for you with our design guarantee

Longer right of return

Send your order back to us free of charge within 60 days of purchase if the design does not match your interior.

Sustainable thinking

Cottonbabe™ is the opposite of fast fashion. We stand for the highest quality, durability and timeless design. There's no need to change bedding designs on a regular basis.

Always be in vogue

Our understanding of design has changed over the years. What doesn't change: Cottonbabe™ - With our timeless design, you're always on the safe side with style.

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The art of the timeless

Be it the aluminum chair by Ray Eames in 1958, the Rimowa metal case from 1950 or the Rolex Submariner from 1955 - the fact that products are and remain modern years, decades or centuries after their release is a design engineering skill that only a few products have managed to achieve . We are inspired by it.