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You might recognize it from grandma's bedroom: the bed linen is printed with strange patterns and colors that look like they're from the 80s. In terms of material, however, the bed linen is often still in good condition and is properly cared for, as grandma is used to. Even white bed linen is not always white bed linen. After all, no one wants hospital-style duvet covers or pillowcases in their bedroom. But it's all useless if the bed linen itself looks modern and stylish, but doesn't match the interior. Therefore, the choice of color should also be well considered here.

Buy luxury bed linen online? Yes.

Since you don't buy a new bed linen every day as a human being, many customers want the duvet cover, pillow case or even that before buying
Feel free to touch and test fitted sheets. Feel, caress, crumple - all this is part of buying bed linen. However, since this is not so easy to do online, we offer you a 30-night trial sleep so that you can test the bed linen extensively. If, for example, the fitted sheet dir
If you don't like it, but you like the duvet cover or pillowcase, you can simply send it back with our free shipping.

The right size bed linen

First of all, one can say that the right size of the bed linen is always related to the size of the pillow or duvet. When it comes to the duvet cover, you very often see the sizes 135 cm x 200 cm for a standard single bed, 155 cm x 220 cm for more comfort in a queen size bed or 240 cm x 220 cm for a large king size bed. The sizes 40cm x 80cm or 80cm x 80cm are very popular for pillowcases. It's easier with a bed sheet. This just has to be big enough to enclose the mattress neatly. However, the right size of bed linen always depends on personal preference, because the larger the bed linen, the heavier it is.

Cotton is the essence of bedding

Most bedding in the world is made of cotton. But did you know that there are four different types of cotton? About 90% of cotton comes from the genus "Gossypium hirsutum". Asia, Central and South America and southern Africa are typical areas where cotton likes to grow. Well-known weaves, which we also find in bed linen, are renforcé, bieber, flannel, seersucker or jersey. A quality feature is the length of the cotton fiber. Cotton fibers are divided into short-staple, medium-staple, long-staple and extra-long-staple. Thread density also plays a major role. Warp and weft are vertical

Processing of bed linen

The individual cotton fibers are woven into a kind of checkerboard pattern during production. The thread density can also be derived from the vertically running warp threads and the horizontally running weft threads. With a thread count of 500, Cottonbabe luxury bed linen is very exclusive. It is also important that the bed linen is processed free of harmful substances and in accordance with OEKO TEX. This makes the bed linen skin-friendly and soft. Cottonbabe luxury bed linen also receives exclusive piping on the outer edge of the duvet cover and pillowcase during processing.

Proper care of bedding

Cottonbabe luxury bed linen is very easy to care for. Especially due to the long-staple premium cotton that we use, the bed linen is soft and durable at the same time. It can be washed in the washing machine at up to 60 degrees without any problems. With a low spin speed of up to 900, it can even come out of the washing machine wrinkle-free or non-iron. Normal heavy-duty detergent or mild detergent can be used without any problems. We recommend washing the luxury bed linen from Cottonbabeb every 2-4 weeks so that no germs or mites can form.