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Duvet size as a pair of luxury linens

2 small duvets or rather 1 large duvet?
This is just one of many questions that couples ask themselves very often when they go looking for the right bed furnishings together for the first time.

In order to find your way in the land of milk and honey of beds, mattresses, duvets, pillows and bed linen, we answer important questions that we receive very often:

1. Bed frame: buy new or use the old one?

We recommend a bed that is at least 1.60 meters wide for couples. Then both have enough space to be able to fall asleep well independently of each other.

For many couples, the cuddly position that's ready for the movies isn't ideal for falling asleep quickly and easily. If the old bed is at least 1.60 meters wide and fits into the apartment / house in terms of design, then the old bed can also be taken with you. This saves additional costs when purchasing new equipment.

Whether it's a box spring bed with a topper or a "normal" bed with a mattress is a question of personal preference.

2. Mattress: hard or rather soft?

When it comes to choosing the right mattress, things get more complicated. When asked about the number, we would recommend choosing a large mattress that is the size of the slatted frame.

The reasons for this are as follows: two mattresses would significantly change how you sleep and create an uncomfortable gap, since the foam and spring cores are not continuous.

High-quality mattresses such as those from Cottonbabe also do not run the risk of a hollow forming in the middle in the first few months. The pocket spring technology also contributes to this, which ensures more comfort when sleeping than a pure foam mattress.

We therefore recommend choosing a medium-hard to hard mattress, especially with larger mattresses, as there is not only more weight on the mattress when there are two of you, but also because no hollow is formed.

Whether a couple decides on a new or the old mattress also depends a little on their own sensitivity to hygiene and the age of the mattress. The easiest way to make a decision is when the mattress is so old that the question of taking over the old mattress does not even arise and a new mattress can be bought together.

3. Duvet: Do you prefer 2 small duvets or one large duvet?

Sleep research has shown that when everyone uses their own duvet, both tend to sleep better. Even if research destroys the perfect Hollywood image of a bed, there are good reasons for this.

Men and women have different temperature sensitivity. As a result, men tend to be too warm and women tend to freeze. Therefore, everyone should choose their own duvet and make a conscious decision about the quality and distribution of feathers and down.

If you are not allergic to natural filling materials such as down and feathers then we would definitely prefer this over the artificial filling in the form of polyester. We have also written our own blog article on this: Comparison of polyester and down/feathers

In addition, a large duvet can mean that the duvet including the duvet cover is too heavy for some couples. Even if it looks more elegant in terms of design, you are less flexible with a large duvet. However, this also depends on personal feelings.

4. Pillow: The big one for him and the small one for her?

The choice of pillow is usually a very individual one, and no blanket statements can be made about the differences between women and men.

5. Bedding: There's no arguing about design

Choosing the right bed linen is also a profound design decision. Many underestimate the effect of the large surface of the bed and the impact of the design on the overall feeling of the room.

Pillows, mattresses and duvets are also important for a good and comfortable sleep, but are less important from a design point of view. They "only" form the inner life, which is not very visible from the outside.

In order to anticipate all discussions, the Cottonbabe bed linen is deliberately kept in a timeless and chic design. In the current models in pure white, the 360-degree satin seam provides a subtle color accent.
Without "funny" and restless color patterns or images, the bed linen not only suits women and men, but also the interior design and a relaxed sleep.

When it comes to quality, you should definitely pay attention to the thread density and the weave. Satin bed linen made of 100% cotton, for example, ensures a noble shine. Plus, with a thread count of over 200, you can expect a bedding that doesn't feel like paper. Many recognize the differences in quality to an enormous extent when they have consciously dealt with them for the first time. After that, you won't want to be without good, comfortable bed linen.

selection successful? Or still haven't found what you're looking for?

Sometimes the choice of all the equipment can be really nerve-wracking. The important thing is to talk about it. So if you have any questions that we haven't answered in our blog article, please write to us at:

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