Cottonbabe™ x Tattoo Campaign | Make bedclothes sexy again

Cottonbabe Luxury Bedding Down Duvets Pillows Tattoo Model

Sex appeal, individuality, body art are values ​​not usually associated with bedding. In the vernacular, bed linen is more of a sterile, boring consumable product that has to serve its purpose.
The counterpart to dreary white bed linen is the tattoo milieu. In the meantime, more and more arrived in the main stream of society, tatottos were considered provocative, disreputable and a symbol of the underworld for many people. Prisoners or drug dealers have shaped the picture for many decades. Today, even in the banking world, having a tattoo is no longer decried. Last but not least, celebrities have also ensured the acceptance of body art. David Beckham, Rihanna, Megan Fox and Johnny Depp were among the pioneers of an entire movement.

What bedding can learn from the tattoo scene

Tattoos have a much stronger meaning than the art on the skin itself. They stand for the non-conformist, the rebellious and for change. Powerful messages are engraved deep under the skin with black or colored ink. Behind it are feelings, emotions and much more...

This is exactly what the bed linen lacks: strong feelings that have meaning. It is precisely this fire that we at Cottonbabe would like to ignite with our tattoo campaign for bed linen. It should be important to people again which bed linen adorns their bedroom and which message is conveyed through it.
Bed linen is like a sleeping giant that should and has to be woken up: the modified quote "Make bed linen sexy again" is apt.

Cottonbabe Luxury Linen Tattoo Model

Tattoo bed linen soon in the bedroom?

It is well known that art and beauty are always in the eye of the beholder. The line between tattoos that are also successful in terms of design and those that are not is therefore very narrow. From the perspective of the interior designer, it is therefore not about writing wild motifs, patterns and messages all over the bed linen. It's about charging bed linen with emotional values ​​without committing a design faux pas. Clear, timeless bed linen design that matches the colors and profiles of furniture and walls is therefore still the wiser choice.

However, it is much more about creating new values ​​for bed linen from the inside out. As always, however, it takes someone to lead the way, break new ground, be brave and not afraid. We want to be that someone.