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First-rate sleep as the body's fuel

In a world full of adrenaline, emotions and speed, quality and balanced sleep plays an important role. At speeds of 300 km/h, even a little carelessness can mean that you have to give up your place at the top again. 100% focus is therefore essential as a racing driver. We are convinced that the quality of sleep makes up the last percentage points to be at the top at the award ceremony later on.

With Cottonbabe luxury bed linen, we are therefore a partner of the HTP Winward Racing Team, which will compete in the Fanatec GT World Challenge in 2022 with the Mercedes AMG GT3. Right in the middle instead of just there: The Cottonbabe logo - in the middle of the hood.

Cottonbabe Luxury Bedding Duvet Pillow Racing HTP Winward Racing Mercedes AMG GT3 Pit Stop

Symphony of Racing & Luxury Linens


Supple and harmonious like the finest clockwork - not only does the 550 hp engine of the Mercedes AMG GT3 have to run like this, but also the warp and weft threads of the Cottonbabe luxury bed linen are woven together. Perfection and accuracy in the selection of materials and processing - this also characterizes the luxury bed linen from Cottonbabe.


In racing, too, one does not achieve success as a lone wolf. It is the team of engineers, mechanics, data analysts and the driver that must work hand in hand and fight together for victory. 
Without creative and motivated people in the areas of design, logistics, support, etc., the Cottonbabe bedding team would not be what it is today.


To be the winner on the podium after many hours, it is not enough just to have driven solidly and properly. As a racer it takes guts, skill, cleverness, mental toughness on and off the track to win. It is not uncommon for you to break new ground, dare and try something to be one step ahead of the competition.
Whether in the product, the design, the marketing campaigns or in cooperation - we at Cottonbabe also want to break new ground with our luxury bed linen, be experimental and curious and approach things with courage and vigour. Only then do you have the chance to really make a difference.

Cottonbabe Luxury Bedding Winward Racing Mercedes AMG GT3 Team

The Winward Racing Team around Jens Liebhauser, Lorenzo Ferrari, Lucas Auer and Russell Ward.

What bedding can learn from racing

Racing stands for pure emotions. Man versus man or woman versus woman in a fight against time and the black and white checkered flag. Car to car at 300 kilometers per hour, accidents, overtaking manoeuvres, pit stops - a car race is like a roller coaster of emotions. These emotions are shared and loved by countless people around the world.

We would like to carry these emotions into people's bedrooms with our Cottonbabe luxury bed linen. After all, perfect sleep in perfect bedding is fuel for the body.