Cottonbabe™ x Influencers | Luxury bedding on social media

Cottonbabe ™ luxury bed linen also enchants the influencers of this world and gives them a heavenly sleep. So today we are introducing you to a few well-known influencers from Instagram, YouTube and Twitch who have already experienced the perfect sleep experience with Cottonbabe ™.

Cottonbabe luxury bedding influencer bed

Anyuta Rai not only makes men's hearts beat faster, but with 3 million followers on Instagram is one of the largest content creators in Russia. Her Instagram channel is mainly about travel content from the most beautiful places and hotels in the world. During a visit to Mallorca, she had the pleasure of sleeping in luxury bed linen from Cottonbabe for the first time.

Cottonbabe Luxury Bedding Duvet Pillow Influencer Content Creator

With 1.8 million followers, Maren Wolf is one of the leading content creators in Germany. With the topics of fashion, lifestyle, food and travel, she now reaches an audience of millions. During her vacation in Mallorca she slept in Cottonbabe bed linen for the first time and wanted (quote): "Never get out of bed".

Cottonbabe Luxury Bedding Design Influencer Twitch

He now has 2 million followers on the Twitch streaming service and 1.5 million on Instagram. We're talking about none other than Jens "Knossi" Knossalla. Enthusiastic, empathetic and very entertaining, the entertainer always puts his viewers in a good mood. Of course you can also find Knossi's film-ready story on our Instagram 👉 cottonbabe.interior

Cottonbabe Luxury Bedding Influencer Duvet Pillow Warm

Cathy Hummels is a presenter, Spiegel bestseller author and now also a founder. 689,000 people follow their everyday lives on Instagram. Cathy spent her first night in the Cottonbabe luxury bedding in the ski paradise of Ischgl and she was thrilled too.

Stay tuned: Many more influencers will probably be expecting you soon!