9 things [in detail] to look out for when buying bedding in 2022

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Since you don't replace your bed linen every month, but usually only every few years, even experienced connoisseurs fall into the trap of the halo effect when buying new bed linen. To be precise, this means: Whether on the Internet or in a bedding shop; everywhere one encounters an abundance of white linens. The thought can come up: "They all look the same anyway, so I'll just take any bed linen".

This shows what tricks our brain can play on us with products that are actually completely different.

So that you don't fall for the halo effect, we'll show you the 9 things you should look out for when buying bed linen:

  1. Don't let the terminology confuse you

Designer Linens Different Types And Terms Woman Unsure Knowledge

If you search for bed linen on the Internet, you will often find clothes for sleeping, duvets or beds under the search term. Of course that is not correct. When you search for bedding, it generally means the following:

  • duvet cover
  • (pillow)case
  • Duvet cover or bed sheet

These 3 products together make up the bed linen. When booking an Airbnb, for example, you often read that you have to bring your own bed linen. Then usually these three terms are meant.

  1. Find out about the material of the bedding

cotton plant

When it comes to choosing the bed linen material, it's like in Cockaigne: There are many different options, but not all fabrics are suitable for every purpose. Let's start:


Cotton is super soft and pleasant on the skin, so it is also ideal for allergy sufferers. At the same time, it is also one of the most durable fibres, which is very breathable and has a high absorbency of liquids. This means you can have wonderful dreams in cotton bedding in both winter and summer. Cotton can be woven in many different ways. The most important of these are:

The cotton is woven in the shape of a chessboard with a very high density of interlacing. Very soft, skin-friendly, moisture-regulating and temperature-balancing.

Slightly roughened, fluffy and particularly suitable for winter.

Same characteristics as Bieber only slightly finer thread and therefore lighter in weight and easier to iron.

Known for its crepe structure, the fabric does not completely touch the skin. This allows the air to circulate better. In terms of design, however, it is rather old-fashioned.

Guaranteed non-iron thanks to the elastic weave structure. This also makes the bed linen very breathable and absorbent.

Mako satin
The lightest of the cotton weaves. Ideally suited for the summer. Due to the satin weave, the surface is shiny and the underside is matt.

Particularly popular with children's bedding because it is very inexpensive, easy to care for and hard-wearing. The design is similar in appearance to linen fabric.

Derived from Syria's capital Damascus, Damask cotton is mercerized. This describes a refinement with lye for a special shine. The front and back have a different style.

By default, percale has a very high thread density for silky soft and cuddly bed linen. It is matt on both sides and tends to be more difficult to maintain.


Microfiber is the only non-natural fiber in our listing. They are slightly more absorbent than, for example, cotton. If you don't mind the slightly artificial fabric, you will get quite soft and inexpensive bed linen. Due to the rapid absorption of moisture, it is very hygienic and also suitable for allergy sufferers. There are also different finishes and qualities in the microfiber sector - therefore: read the product description carefully.


The natural fiber linen is best known for the loose, airy linen shirt, which is often worn in summer. The same goes for the bedding. The ecological fiber is easy to care for, durable and yet very hard-wearing. Due to the properties of the flax plant from which linen is made, the fabric may not be quite as soft on the skin as others, but it is very cooling on warm summer nights.


The most expensive, noblest and softest fabric in the world. Even if the silk plant is also called dodder, mites don't stand a chance with silk due to the surface, so the bed linen is also very suitable for allergy sufferers.

  1. Check the quality of the linens

Designer Linens Quality Yarns Cotton Processing

When it comes to the quality of the bed linen, the main factor is the thread count. The thread density indicates how many warp and weft threads, i.e. the horizontal and vertical threads per square centimeter, were used.

The designer bed linen from Cottonbabe has a thread count of up to 500, i.e. 250 vertical and 250 horizontal threads per square centimetre. Few other brands can compete with this luxury quality. The high thread density is one of the main reasons why the bed linen is so tear-resistant and silky soft at the same time.

  1. Choose the right bed linen size

Measurements and size of bedding

It is easy to get confused when it comes to bed linen sizes, as the length and width of the bed linen should also be adapted to the shape of the mattress and the bed base.

By default, there are three types of sizes that can be found in most bedrooms:

    1. 135cm x 200cm (standard): This is the typical size for a standard German single bed. This bed linen size fits the mattress sizes with a width of 90 cm and 100 cm. A person can snuggle up nicely in the bedding without feeling that the bedding is too small.
    2. 155cm x 220cm (comfort): If you prefer something a little more comfortable, own a bed that is 120cm or 140cm wide, and would like to spend the night together, this bed linen size is just right for you. Even tall people, such as mostly basketball players, would appreciate the extended length of the bedding.

    3. 240cm x 220cm (double bed): The king-size bed linen, on the other hand, is uncompromising. Whether on large round beds or beds with a width of 180 cm and more; There are almost no limits. The bed linen in this size also makes a great impression in terms of design. The feeling of having bed linen that is too small or too short is almost impossible here.

  1. Pay attention to the type of closure of the bed linen

Linen buttons zipper

There are usually 3 different types of closures for bed linen:

  1. button closure

Buttons were the first real type of fastener, keeping the duvet from slipping out of the bed linen. Even today, buttons have a very traditional, natural charm.

  1. zipper

The zipper is the most popular type of closure, especially in the private bedroom, as it is the easiest and fastest to close and open to take out the duvet or pillow.

  1. hotel closure

The hotel closure is a special type of closure that is actually only found in hotels. In the end, it's not a real closure, since the bed linen is usually always open on the feet. Why is that?

Since the hotel bed linen is washed much more often than the bed linen at home, the zipper or the buttons would otherwise break very quickly. In addition, there would be problems with ironing with a button or zipper. Hotels don't iron the linens, instead ironing them with large, heavy rollers that would break other types of fasteners.

When it comes to cleaning, hotels are also trimmed for speed and efficiency. For example, buttoning would take far too long.

  1. Washing makes the bed linen even softer
    Bedding feel cotton woman Unboxing Cottonbabe

In particular, bed linen with a 100% cotton content, such as the designer bed linen from Cottonbabe, has not yet reached its maximum degree of softness when it is first unpacked. This only occurs after a few washes.

Why is that?

The cotton fibers and their surface are somewhat roughened after processing. By using water and detergent when washing, the fibers are pushed even closer together and the surface is smoothed more and more.

  1. Choose an attractive bed linen design that matches the interior.

Interior design bedding duvet pillow

When choosing the right bedding design, one should not make the mistake of buying bedding without considering the bedroom design. In the online shop or in a specialist bed shop, some colors and some patterns look very nice when viewed individually. The big awakening comes in the truest sense of the word in the bedroom. With wall colors, furniture types, colors and shapes, decorative items, pictures and shelves, there are some design-related stumbling blocks.

For this reason, the basic color of the Cottonbabe designer bed linen is pure white. The timeless and elegant border in different colors adapts to the interior playfully and flexibly.

  1. Don't forget the sustainability of the bed linen.

Designer bed linen Sustainability product CO2 reduction

The textile and cotton industry has been embarking on a sustainable trend for many years. Organic cotton, certified cotton, cotton tested for harmful substances; meanwhile there are many badges and terms. In May 2022, Germany also concluded the partnership for green and sustainable development with the government of India. We also want to do our part by supporting the local cultivation, harvesting and processing of premium long staple cotton from the Indian highlands.

All of our cotton products are therefore OEKO-TEX 100 certified. As the largest cotton producer, India has built up an enormous amount of knowledge and a high-tech infrastructure that we cannot boast of to this extent in Europe due to the lack of climatic conditions for cultivation.

  1. your personal feelings 

Man Woman Designer Linen White

Everyone has a different feeling for fabrics, colors and patterns. In particular, the differences in perception between women and men are a factor in the fact that there is no bed linen for “everyone” or “everyone”. As Cottonbabe, we try to come as close as possible to the perfect bed linen in terms of design and quality with our designer bed linen.

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